This unique and primitive set of shelves is handmade by me from 100% authentic barn wood salvaged from old barns in West Virginia or Southwest Virginia. The bookcase feature salvage-edge board ends standing vertically as side boards, four 16” shelves and no back. Much of the wood continues to bare some of the original barn red paint that was so common in barns circa late 19th and early 20th century. This authentic piece of history will add a farmhouse feel to any room in the house, and it is sure to be the envy of any guest. As pictured the wood in this bookcase is exactly the way it came off the barn; unfinished other than being wire-brushed and lightly sanded to remove sharp edges and splinters. The bookcase is approximately 18” wide, 55” tall and 7” deep.

The pictures you see in my store depict a representative sample for the bookcase/shelves pictured. You will receive a set of shelves made from the same pattern, the same size and of the same type wood as the sample unless you specifically request a custom piece. Again, these shelves are handmade by me from 100% reclaimed wood, therefore each item is literally one of a kind with different wood characteristics and individual reclaimed attributes including but not limited to grain, color, dimensional uniformity, checks, splits, cracks, holes, knots, warp, twist, bow, cuts, scrapes, scratches etc. No two pieces are the same so please consider this when you order.

Custom shelves will take approximately 5-7 days to complete and ready to ship. If you prefer a custom made piece please contact me directly.